Union Welcomes Report into Alice Springs Blackout

ETU welcomes Utilities Commission report recommendations and Government’s actions

Opportunity for TGen, PWC and NT Government to rebuild trust and confidence by finally listening to workers
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The Electrical Trades Union (ETU) and its’ members have welcomed the Utilities Commission report into the 13 October system-wide Alice Springs power outage and the NT Government’s commitment to implement 14 of the 15 recommendations with the final one also agreed in principle.

ETU QLD NT State Secretary Peter Ong said while the report vindicated the ETU and its members’ stance in taking the issue up on behalf of the Alice Spring community and workers left to pick up the pieces following high level managerial incompetence, the job was only half done.

“This is a massive opportunity for TGen, Power Water, the Utilities Commission and the NT Government to rebuild trust and confidence in them to provide reliable power to Alice Springs. To do that, they will need to listen to their most valuable resources, the proud, competent workers, our members who are at the frontline keeping the power on.”

They, the Government have the report and the recommendations, and we commend them for their swift action in rightfully relieving the TGen and PWC CEO’s of their duties, but this whole debacle could have been avoided if the companies and the Government had shown real leadership by listening to workers and acting on their concerns raised about the condition of Ron Goodin PS and the capabilities of Owen Springs to deliver reliable power to the Alice Springs community. For that reason it will be absolutely necessary that the new CEO’s for TGen and PWC come with the full suite of skills and attributes to do the job effectively, they will need to listen and act not blunder on and cover up as the previous CEO’s did.”

“The ETU, its members and the Alice Springs community will be monitoring the implementation of the recommendations carefully. As always the ETU and its members stand ready and willing to work with the Government, TGen, PWC and other stakeholders to ensure the recommendations along with the Government commitments to provide the Alice Springs community with the reliable power they deserve, are delivered in an effective and timely manner.”

For more information please contact Dave “Strawbs” Hayes 0419 721 042 or Andrew Irvine 0448 633 858