Unions take action to end QHealth's "Sham Contract Shame"

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Government's latest offer a million "Miles" away from a Fair Go

Wednesday, 4th December, 2019

Workers from combined unions representing Queensland Health maintenance staff have begun industrial action to prevent the continued undermining of this critical part of Queensland’s public hospital sector.
Union members will be rallying across the state to let Queensland Health and the State Government know they have had enough of sham contracts, attacks on their job security and broken promises on apprentice numbers.
“These men and women who are the electricians, the carpenters, the plumbers, and the boilermakers are vital to the running of our health service, they provide safe environments for patients and staff,” ETU Qld NT State Secretary Peter Ong said.
The action includes paperwork and administration work bans, and rolling stoppages beginning with a 24-hour walk-off during which only emergency maintenance work will be carried out.
“As with any and all industrial action, the members have not taken this lightly and it is through pure frustration at Q Health’s refusal to fix the ongoing issues associated with reduced job security, sham contracting and broken promises on apprentices, our members feel they are not being listened to.”
“The government has proven incapable of fixing Newman’s mess, instead, the rorts, rip-offs, out-sourcing and shonky contracts continue. Maintenance unions drew Minister Miles’ attention, in detail, to the rampant use of sham contracting arrangements at various hospitals earlier this year.  In one well-documented case, the Director-General resigned that afternoon, but since then the practice has continued unchecked.”
“Q Health may care about the doctors, nurses, and radiologists, we all do, but it’s latest offer to our members who keep our hospitals and health services safe and operating efficiently in often stressful circumstances is a kick in the guts and miles away from a fair go.”
“Our message is clear, end the sham contract shame, employ Queensland apprentices in accordance with your promises and get rid of the shonky contractors who are eroding job security, costing taxpayers millions and putting patients at risk.”
Media alert - WEDNESDAY 4th December

BRISBANE – RALLY OUTSIDE QHealth building - 33 Charlotte St, Brisbane City at 8 am.
Cairns - outside main entrance Cairns Base Hospital from 7.30 am – Scott Reichman 0437 184 399
Rockhampton – outside main entrance Rockhampton Base Hospital from 7.30 am – Greg Harris 0448 633 579
Townsville – outside main entrance Townsville Base Hospital from 7.30 am – Wal Giordani 0419 721 045
 For more information please call Peter Ong 0419 721 046 or Andrew Irvine 0448 633 858