Union remembers hard yards and sacrifices made to keep assets in public hands

NOT4SALE campaign laid foundations for today’s welcome relief: ETU

The Electrical Trades Union welcomed the energy rebates for all Queenslanders contained in Queenslands state budget, thanking the premier for acknowledging that the rebates were made possible by public ownership of assets.
ETU state secretary Peter Ong said it was right for the government to acknowledge that public ownership made the cost-of-living relief possible. “Because without public ownership there would be no
 bill relief, only profiteering and hand ringing.”

Mr Ong went on to thank all the members of his union who campaigned relentlessly to keep assets in public hands throughout the three years of the Not4Sale campaign 2012 to 15 and again in 2017.
“Let’s never forget that the LNP under Newman, Nicholls, Mander, Bleijie and others were hell bent on selling our public electricity assets, our members campaigned under the constant threat of job losses and depot closures, they campaigned to save assets and jobs, because they knew if they didn’t the outcomes for Queensland would be dire. We have those committed men and women to thank for this budget measure.”
(There were more than 1000 jobs axed in the state electricity industry during Newman’s reign)
Ong went onto say that because of the cuts and threats imposed by Newman it has taken years of rebuilding to get the workforce back to where it needs to be.
“The LNP not only cut jobs they also cut apprenticeships, they set the electricity industry back years with their job wrecking policies, but by keeping assets in public hands we have been able to rebuild proactively.”
He is enthusiastic about the future.
“This year’s rebates and the ones that have come from public ownership dividends over the past few years are a sign of good things to come for Queenslanders, by owning our assets, Queenslanders can be sure that policies are implemented with them in mind.”
Ong pointed to the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan as a prime example of how public ownership ensures good policy.
“We were able to negotiate a world first Energy Worker’s Charter, that puts workers, and their communities needs front and centre in the transition to renewables, that’s what public ownership is all about. Public good, not private profit.”

For more information, call Peter Ong on 0419 721 046 or Kristin Perissinotto 0448 633 858