ETU farewells Hally, Giddo and Rabbit in style.

On Saturday 3rd March at the ETU Staff Planning weekend the branch formally thanked the recently resigned Glenn Hall (Hally), Craig Giddins (Giddo) and Michael Haire (Rabbit) for their contribution to ETU members and their families, the Union and working people across the state.

Hally based in Mackay will be remembered for his strong representation of members in Coal and other industries for 15 years,  while Giddo a 13 year veteran based out of Gladstone will be best remembered for his work on Curtis Island representing thousands of members in their dealings with multi-national Bechtel. For Rabbit his seven years as an organiser has seen him represent members in the territory and more recently Cairns where he was instrumental in coordinating the Not4Sale “greenwash” of 2015 where the ALP won all four Cairns based seats on the back of the relentless Not4Sale campaign and kept them despite everything in 2017.

Comrades we salute you.