One Nation preparing to betray Queenslanders on asset sales as they embrace another pro-privatisation politician

The Electrical Trades Union says One Nation are preparing to betray Queensland voters on asset sales by recruiting yet another Newman Government MP who supported Tim Nicholls’ Strong Choices campaign.

Former Logan MP Michael Pucci became the fourth former LNP MP to jump ship to One Nation in the lead up to the state election when he resigned his LNP membership this week to became One Nation’s campaign director.

Electrical Trades Union Supply Industry Organiser Stuart Traill said Mr Pucci publicly endorsed the Strong Choices campaign in the lead up to the 2015 election, going so far as to hold a forum in his electorate advocating the privatisation of state electricity assets.

Mr Traill said the recruitment of Mr Pucci, as well as fellow former LNP MPs Sam Cox, Steve Dickson and Neil Symes, indicated One Nation were willing to compromise their stance on privatisation in order to prepare for a power sharing arrangement with the LNP.

“As we have seen in the Federal Parliament One Nation say one thing before an election and do another once they get elected,” Mr Traill said.

“You need to look no further than their support of selling a third of the Kidman cattle station portfolio to Chinese company Shanghai CRED last year, despite their claims to be against foreign ownership.

“And here they are running candidates and recruiting political operatives who have publicly campaigned for asset sales while the party claims to be against privatisation.

“Queenslanders can simply not trust One Nation to protect Queensland’s assets, no matter what they say.”