Electrical Trades Union welcomes CleanCo announcement as “good first step”

30 August 2018
Electrical Trades Union welcomes CleanCo announcement as “good first step”
But more to do to secure public ownership and a just transition

The ETU has commended the State Government for its CleanCo announcement describing it as a good first step.
However, ETU State Secretary Peter Ong said there is still some work to be done to secure public ownership and secure jobs for regional workers in the renewables sector.
“This is a good first step and the Government should be commended for taking it, but there are some specific things the Government needs to do to make it work”
“We are calling on the QLD Government to free up the surpluses of CS Energy and Stanwell to build, own and operate renewable energy assets until such time as the Government meets its 50% renewable target.”
“Further to lock in CleanCo and the Government’s commitment towards a just transition for workers particularly in regional and remote Queensland, we call on the Government to commit to own, build and operate renewable generation assets starting with 1000MW of new solar generation”
“Mr Ong said the two initiatives would show the Government was serious about having truly public owned renewable generation assets that will put downward pressure on electricity prices while also creating real jobs for regional Queenslanders”

Read the Govt’s full statement here http://statements.qld.gov.au/Statement/2018/8/30/cleanco-to-make-power-bills-cheaper