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The ETU is made up of workers like you

That is, workers who care about their working conditions and believe in maintaining a good standard of living for themselves, their families and our community as a whole.

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Cultural Recognition on the block as Power companies and LNP go back to bad old days

Disgraceful step back to the bad old days...ETU Says


APHEDA Palestine appeal

Please donate to support innocent families caught up in the bloody Gaza Conflict.


Stafford voters urged to deliver killer blow to out of touch, arrogant LNP


LNP snubs asset sales forum sends clear message to Stafford voters - We Dont' Care ...

Full page ad highlights Bechtel's refusal to budge on Work/Life balance

The ETU and AMWU have fired back at Bechtel over the Multinationals' refusal to budge on family...

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