ETU condemns Chief Minister’s attack on Labor Senator Malarndirri McCarthy

The Electrical Trades Union (ETU) condemns the comments Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner made towards Labor Senator Malarndirri McCarthy.


ETU QLD & NT statement on COVID Vaccines and the workplace

See the ETU QLD & NT statement on vaccines in the workplace


Union Takes Aim At Gunner's Austerity Budget

ETU shoots down Gunner's austerity budget


ETU welcomes Palaszczuk Government’s $500 million Renewable Energy Fund

ETU Welcomes Palaszczuk Govts REF announcement


Union calls for public ownership guarantee for renewable energy future

Public Ownership Guarantee For Renewable Energy Future


ETU slams Zinfra over serious Covid-19 breach in FNQ

Union Slams Zinfra for Serious COVID-19 Breach in FNQ


ETU Slams CPB and Cross River Rail over Casual Nazism

CPB slammed for Casual Nazism


Regional Queensland power prices will skyrocket under LNP privatisation push

LNP's privatisation push will see Regional Power prices skyrocket


Union Slams AER over funding cuts for QLD energy companies

Union slams AER over Funding cuts to Energy Qld


Grosvenor Mine Explosion

Grosvenor Mine Explosion - Overhaul


ETU calls out INPEX over standowns

ETU Calls Out INPEX over standown


ETU slams Zinfra over Covid-19 ultimatum

Union Slams Zinfra for Heartless Ultimatum


State Government Wage Freeze

Premier's kneejerk comment leaves workers feeling abandoned. Frontline essential workers feel betrayed by Labor Government


Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance - Union says throw book at grubs who attack essential workers


Unions take action to end QHealth's Sham Contract Shame

Workers from combined union's representing Queensland Health maintenance staff have begun industrial action to prevent the continued undermining of this critical part of Queensland's Public sector.


International Trade Unions Condemn Australia's Anti-Union Laws

International trade union leaders meeting in Perth have slammed the Australian government's anti union laws as a brazen attack on the rights of working people that violates international labour law and risks trashing the nation's reputation as a bast


Halt Cross River Rail

The Electrical Trades Union called on the State Government to do the right thing by Queensland taxpayers and put the brakes on the CRR project, disband the Cross-River Rail Delivery Authority (CRRDA) and start again.


Union Prepared to Take Hardline on Unfair FTA’s

Support ALP Platform on protecting jobs and sovereignty or be expelled, ETU tells MP’s


Queensland Govt urged to get moving on Just Transition



Queensland’s federal MP’s urged to dump Morrison’s “Big Stick” energy privatisation

The Queensland NT Branch of the Electrical Trades Union urged Queensland MP’s to put their state first and reject the LNP’s “Big Stick” Energy Privatisation Bill due to be tabled today.


ETU disappointed with Supreme Court decision on solar safety regs

This decision is a kick in the guts for safety and jobs but we won’t give up The Electrical Trades Union Qld NT branch is preparing to fight the Supreme Court decision to invalidate recently implemented improvements to solar safety regulations for


Morrison’s “Big Stick” energy privatisation will devastate regional Qld: ETU says

Morrison’s “Big Stick” energy privatisation will devastate regional Qld ETU says No mandate for sell off of public electricity assets to foreign multi-nationals The Queensland NT Branch of the Electrical Trades Union warned regional Queenslan


Union disappointed with Clean Energy Council’s “hysterical” response to sensible solar farm

Private: Union disappointed with Clean Energy Council’s “hysterical” response to sensible solar farm installation reforms… Workers’ and public safety must come before profits


Media Release Workers at Darling Downs Power Station start Industrial Action

Private: Media Release Workers at Darling Downs Power Station start Industrial Action


DON’T BE BOUGHT – ETU National Office Media Release re: Federal Budget



Sell out Nats slammed for electricity asset sales push

Sell out Nationals slammed over asset sales push They’re not listening our Electricity Assets are Not for Sale The Electrical Trades Union QLD NT has seized on reports that six regional National Party MPs are calling on the Government to fast track e


Calls to rebuild state’s Building and Asset Services (BAS) in wake of Townsville floods

Calls to rebuild state’s Building and Asset Services (BAS) in wake of Townsville floods “Outsourcing costs more, delivers less” ETU The Electrical Trades Union has called for urgent action to ensure the state government’s Building and Asset Services


Fight for fair rosters set to ramp up at Ichthys LNG following important FWC win

Fight for fair rosters set to ramp up at Ichthys LNG following important FWC win


ETU calls for more action to make ALP jobs plan work

Union calls for more action to make ALP jobs plan work Good first step but more needed to address LNP created crisis The Queensland NT Branch of the Electrical Trades Union welcomed Federal ALP’s local projects, local jobs procurement announcement to



ETU and Electrogroup join with others and Salvos to spread Christmas cheer

Electrogroup electrical apprentices assemble 50 donated bikes for needy kids Unions and Employers come to the party to spread Xmas cheer The Electrical Trades Union and Electrogroup Apprentices have joined with Master Electrician Assoc, MEGT and Chal



ETU condemns Federal LNP’s Privatisation push

LNP’s Energy Bill labelled as “Jackboot takeover” ETU demands State LNP publicly reject asset sales and privatisation The Electrical Trades Union QLD NT labelled the Federal Government’s poorly written legislation as nothing more than a dangerous dis



Union slams Cairns Council over CPAC cladding scandal

November 26 2018 Union slams Council over cladding scandal, Diverting attention away from failure won’t ensure safety Cairns Regional Council ‘s attempt to link the CPAC cladding scandal with ongoing EBA negotiations is nothing short of a pathetic at



RCR Administration announcement timely reminder of privatisation failures

RCR administration announcement timely reminder of privatisation failures Union calls on developers to ensure workers entitlements are paid in full The Electrical Trades Union says the failure of RCR Tomlinson and its related companies is a timely re



Union calls for commitments amid RCR solar turmoil

Union calls for commitments amid RCR solar turmoil Workers fear job losses and non-payment as RCR announces second trading halt The Electrical Trades Union has seized on reports that solar construction company RCR Tomlinson has announced a second tra



Australia needs to get behind a just transition in energy or it will get left behind

Wednesday 10 October, 2018 Australia needs to get behind a just transition in energy or it will get left behind The Morrison Government has made it clear it has no vision or desire to prepare Australia for the global energy future. A new report from



Electrical Trades Union welcomes CleanCo announcement as “good first step”

Electrical Trades Union welcomes CleanCo announcement as “good first step” But more to do to secure public ownership and a just transition The ETU has commended the State Government for its CleanCo announcement describing it as a good first step. How



Kone Elevators, ETU Queensland members set to walk off the job Thursday

Kone Elevators Queensland ETU members set to walk off the job. Frustrated members just want what they are entitled to On Thursday 30th August ETU members at Kone elevators across the state will walk of the job over Kone management’s refusal to includ



RCR Tomlinson’s “race to the bottom” puts Queensland’s renewable energy future at risk

RCR’s race to the bottom puts renewable future at risk Backpackers cutting corners, safety breaches and unlicensed work take toll The Electrical Trades Union has seized on recent reports that solar construction company RCR Tomlinson have financial is



Leaked document reveals Tate’s secret privatisation plans

PRIVATISATION BY STEALTH! Gold Coast city council water and waste are under attack by those who have the agenda of outsourcing to big multinationals, Downer and Broadspectrum. The explosive revelations came after Unions were provided with a leaked do



Frustrated Cairns Council members walk off the job over Council’s double standards

Frustrated CRC staff set to walk off the job over Council’s double standards Public can expect delays Cairns Regional Council employees sick of Council’s blatant double standards have voted to down tools from Friday. ETU Organiser Rob Hill said resid



NT Power workers demand review into wasted millions

ETU members demand review of PWC and Territory Generation wasteful spending Interstate contractors and consultants costing Territorians dearly Wasteful spending on interstate consultants and contractors at the Territory’s power companies is an extrav



Cairns Council Workers Just want a fair Go

Workers call for end to council’s phony war We just want a fair pay rise Cairns Regional Council employees are sick of being threatened, accusing the Council of waging a phony war to undermine their legitimate claims for decent wages and conditions.



ETU demands action over modern day slavery on Qld Solar Farm

Workers paid $30 a day on State’s solar farms Union demands Government action on modern day slavery The ETU has called for immediate Government intervention into the State’s solar farms after finding Philippino workers were being paid just $30 per da



ETU Slams Federal Government Loan to Private Solar Operator as Privatisation by the Backdoor

Union slams feds over Kidston 2 loan deal to private energy company Calls on state govt and opposition to stand up against “backdoor privatisation” The Electrical Trades Union called on the state government to reject the $516M federal loan to private



ETU members rally and march on State Parliament 12 June

Frustrated Electrical Trades Union members’ march on parliament to vent anger at State Government Solar jobs to backpackers, labour hire and “asset sales by stealth” high on hit list Frustrated Electrical Trades Union members will march to State parl



Clare Solar Farm nothing to be proud of – Government failures mean jobs, jobs, jobs for unlicensed b

Clare Solar Farm nothing to be proud of, says ETU Government failure means jobs, jobs, jobs for un licensed backpackers, not locals The Electrical Trades Union is disgusted that the State and Federal Governments are reporting the so-called success of



ETU Slams Grattan Institute Report into Electricity Networks

Grattan Institute’s cherry-picked report serves private business, not public needs The Electrical Trades Union has slammed a recent report by the Grattan Institute as little more than an opportunistic call to sell-off Australia’s essential electricit



Rio Tinto and Bechtel slammed for Cyclone prep failure on Amrun project

Union slams multi-nationals over cyclone failures on Amrun project Bechtel and Rio Tinto underfire for appalling response to Cyclone risks, they will have blood on their hands The Electrical Trades Union says Bechtel and Rio Tinto have failed its m



ETU calls out BCC over delaying tactics

Union slams Brisbane City Council’s refusal to meet as delaying tactics The Electrical Trades Union accused Brisbane City Council of failing to negotiate in good faith today following Council’s refusal to meet with the ETU, CFMEU and AMWU over stal



NT PowerWater workers are heroes, but CEO questioned over deliberate understaffing

PowerWater workers are heroes in post cyclone recovery: ETU CEO questioned over deliberate understaffing Ask Michael Thomson CEO of PowerWater about understaffing if your power is not restored. The blunt message from the Electrical Trades Union follo



Union members set to take Industrial action at Gold Coast City Council

13 March 2018 Attention: General reporters Council playing dangerous games with pay and conditions…Unions The gold medal for hypocrisy goes to… GCCC Thousands of union members across all sectors of Gold Coast City Council will take industrial actio



Peter Ong officially endorsed as ETU State Secretary

Emotions run high as Peter Simpson (Simmo) steps down over serious health issues Yesterday Peter Ong officially took the reins of the powerful Electrical Trades Union QLD NT branch from firebrand Secretary Peter Simpson. In taking on the position



ETU calls for industrial manslaughter laws in wake of Inpex death

The Electrical Trades Union has called on the Gunner Government to urgently introduce industrial manslaughter laws in the wake of the tragic death of worker Carl Delaney at the Ichthys project in Darwin last week. ETU Queensland and NT State Secretar



Thousands of QLD apprentices owed back pay after Federal Court rules in favour of wage justice

The Electrical Trades Union has claimed victory on behalf of apprentices after the Federal Court handed down a ruling that affects thousands of apprentices in Queensland who have been illegally paid wages of less than $9 per hour under an expired awa



Power plant hysteria driven by LNP aligned think tank

The Electrical Trades Union rejects hysterical analysis of the Palaszczuk Government’s energy policy from partisan climate change skeptics at right wing think tank the Australian Institute for Progress. Energy Minister Mark Bailey told ABC Radio 612



Energy Queensland workers are heroes

The ETU is proud of its track record of negotiating a high standard of wages and conditions for its Members throughout Queensland’s highly dangerous electrical industry. We make no apologies for negotiating firmly to ensure our Members work in the be



Council workers calling for Mayor Tate to negotiate with workers at Gold Coast rally

Rallying Gold Coast City Council workers will call on Mayor Tom Tate tomorrow to treat them with respect and meet them at the bargaining table, so they can voice their concerns about attacks on their working conditions. Cr Tate has refused to meet wi



Tarong bounces back 5 years after LNP put Power Station units into storage

The ETU has praised the Palaszczuk Government for bringing local jobs back to the community of Tarong by putting two power station units back online which were placed into cold storage by the LNP. This week marks five years to do the day the Newman G



Traffic delays expected as Transport Main Roads electricians walk off the job

Motorists should brace for lengthy traffic delays throughout South East Queensland today as Transport Main Roads electricians walk off the job. More than 40 traffic signal electricians from the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast depots of Transp



Powerlink allow contractor to bully workers into resigning from Union

The ETU has called on Powerlink to immediately stand down a rogue electrical contractor who has attempted to bully and intimidate employees owed $350,000 in lost wages into resigning as Union members. New South Wales based Transmission Line Contracto



LNP attacking publicly owned energy assets to soften Queenslanders up for privatisation

The Not4Sale campaign has called on the LNP to come clean on long-term plans to privatise Queensland’s energy assets after the Federal Liberal Government attacked the state’s publicly owned network for the second time in a week. Federal Liberal Energ



Union warns LNP and One Nation Coalition will sell off state assets

The ETU has warned any power sharing arrangement between One Nation and the LNP in Queensland Parliament would undoubtedly result in the sell off of state assets. The LNP moved further towards formalising a Coalition with One Nation this week by poll



Council electricians return to work after BCC backs down on flexible rostering demand

Locked out Brisbane City Council electricians will return to work on Wednesday after management backed down on threats to introduce family unfriendly rostering in a new enterprise bargaining agreement. ETU Queensland and NT Organiser Brenton Muller s



NRG threatens economic future of Gladstone region by attacking power workers’ conditions

The Electrical Trades Union has called on NRG to accept concessions offered by Gladstone Power Station workers in a new workplace agreement to ensure the suffering local economy is not hit by more small business closures and job losses. The Gladstone



Brisbane City Council puts public health and safety at risk by locking out electricians

The Electrical Trades Union has condemned Brisbane City Council for spitefully putting the Brisbane public’s health and safety at risk by locking out its electrical division during EBA negotiations. Council locked out 25 electricians at 12.01am on Su



Apprentices left in the lurch by Careers Australia collapse

Dozens of electrical apprentices will have their final qualifications delayed while hundreds more are likely to need to complete additional training after registered training organisation Careers Australia was placed into voluntary administration lat



Foreign multinational NRG sinks boot into Gladstone region

NRG today finally made public plans to terminate the enterprise agreement and award of Gladstone Power Station workers. The company’s plans to attack the power station’s agreement and award were discovered by workers in leaked documents sent to the m



Ron Goodin closure to leave 66 per cent of workers jobless

Union calls for review into power station’s decommissioning The Electrical Trades Union has called on the Northern Territory Government to immediately withdraw their proposal to close the Ron Goodin Power Station and properly consult with Unions on t


One Nation can’t be trusted to protect Queensland’s assets

The ETU has warned Queenslanders that One Nation cannot be trusted with the future of the state’s assets, following Pauline Hanson’s party’s repeated betrayal of Australian workers in the federal Senate and support for a pro-privatisation government



More than 650 workers left jobless as second Inpex contractor walks off the project

The ETU has slammed JKC and Inpex for mismanagement of major contracts on the Itchys Project, after a second subcontractor walked off the project in less than two months. More than 650 Laing O’Rourke workers were made redundant by the subcontractor o



Queensland Apprentices face $160 pay cut if employer challenge of FWC decision is successful

Tens of thousands of Apprentices throughout Queensland could have their pay rate slashed by more than $160 a week if an employer association legal push is successful. Master Builders, the Housing Industry Association and All Trades Queensland have lo



‘Millions’ owing to Queensland Apprentices following FWC award decision

Potentially millions of dollars in backpay owing after FWC rejects All Trades’ appeal Queensland Apprentices are eligible to recoup potentially millions of dollars in backpay following a decision of the Fair Work Commission on Tuesday. Electrical Tra



FIFO code needed to protect workers and regional communities

The ETU has called for the establishment of a FIFO Code of Practice to ensure fly-in fly-out (FIFO) work positively impacts local communities and resources workers. Appearing before Queensland Parliament’s Infrastructure Planning and Natural Resource



One Nation preparing to betray Queenslanders on asset sales as they embrace another pro-privatisatio

The Electrical Trades Union says One Nation are preparing to betray Queensland voters on asset sales by recruiting yet another Newman Government MP who supported Tim Nicholls’ Strong Choices campaign. Former Logan MP Michael Pucci became the fourth f



300 workers left jobless as UGL abandon Itchys project

The Electrical Trades Union has slammed JKC and UGL for sacking 300 workers on the Inpex Itchys Project and leaving families in limbo prior to the new school year beginning. On Wednesday morning 300 remaining UGL workers on the Darwin power plant pro



One Nation threatens future of Queensland-owned assets by recruiting ‘Strong Choices’ MP

The Electrical Trades Union today called into question One Nation’s anti-privatisation platform following the party’s recruitment of an LNP MP prominent in the Newman Government’s Strong Choices campaign. Member for Buderim Steve Dickson today switch



Peter Ong takes on Deputy State Secretary role as State Secretary Peter Simpson battles cancer

Peter Ong has today assumed the role of Deputy State Secretary of the Queensland and NT branch of the Electrical Trades Union. Mr Ong will be Acting State Secretary of the Union while current State Secretary Peter Simpson continues to battle Stage 4