Union warns LNP and One Nation Coalition will sell off state assets

The ETU has warned any power sharing arrangement between One Nation and the LNP in Queensland Parliament would undoubtedly result in the sell off of state assets.

The LNP moved further towards formalising a Coalition with One Nation this week by polling Brisbane residents about their reaction to a potential preference swap between the conservatives and the far-right minor party.

Electrical Trades Union Queensland and NT Organiser Stuart Traill said the LNP’s public scoping of voter attitudes to a preference deal with One Nation in the seat of Maiwar this week confirmed suspicions that the LNP would embrace Pauline Hanson’s party in order to return to government.

Mr Traill said the results of such a Coalition would result in the anti-worker policies of the Turnbull and Newman Governments being replicated in Queensland.

“Both the LNP and One Nation have tried to extinguish privatisation as an issue, by claiming they would not consider asset sales – but every Queenslander knows privatisation is the LNP’s only answer to the issue of raising revenue, and One Nation will rubber stamp any Liberal policy to increase their political power,” he said.

“Time and again we have seen One Nation claim to stand up for working people before towing the Liberal line in rubber stamping the ABCC and Building Code, voting to sell Kidman Station off to foreign owners and supporting the cut to penalty rates of 700,000 Australians.

“And when Tim Nicholls was Treasurer he spent his entire time in government arguing asset sales were the only option in improving Queensland’s financial position.

“A One Nation and LNP Coalition in Queensland would undoubtedly spell the end for state-owned assets.”

Mr Traill said the only choice for Queenslanders who want to protect the state’s assets was to put both the LNP and One Nation in the last two places on their ballots come the state election.

“Queenslanders can simply not trust One Nation to protect Queensland’s assets, no matter what they say,” he said.

“It’s simple maths: the LNP plus One Nation equals assets sales.”

Further information please contact: Stuart Traill 0488 225 625 or Dan Nancarrow 0448 633 858