One Nation can’t be trusted to protect Queensland’s assets

The ETU has warned Queenslanders that One Nation cannot be trusted with the future of the state’s assets, following Pauline Hanson’s party’s repeated betrayal of Australian workers in the federal Senate and support for a pro-privatisation government in Western Australia.

Former Newman Government MP Steve Dickson today announced One Nation would oppose asset sales and leasing if elected to the Queensland Parliament.

ETU Queensland and NT Acting State Secretary Peter Ong said Mr Dickson’s comments were nothing but empty rhetoric given he had been a public supporter of the LNP’s Strong Choices campaign to sell Queensland assets, and One Nation had brokered a preference deal with the pro-privatisation WA Liberals this year.

“One Nation have proven time and time again in the Federal Senate that their word means nothing when it comes to protecting the rights of working people,” Mr Ong said.

“They supported the reintroduction of the ABCC legislation which strips away construction workers’ legal rights and job security in order to appease Malcolm Turnbull and Michaelia Cash.

“They claim to be against asset sales but traded preferences with the pro-privatisation Western Australian government at the last election.

“And despite their claims to be against foreign ownership they supported the selling of a third of the Kidman cattle station portfolio to Chinese company Shanghai CRED.

“As we have seen in the Federal Parliament One Nation say one thing before an election and do another once they get elected.

“Queenslanders can simply not trust One Nation to protect Queensland’s assets, no matter what they say.”

Mr Ong said One Nation’s recruitment of four former Newman Government MPs was a warning sign for voters.

“These guys would be only too happy to go against the will of voters and strike a deal with their mate Tim Nicholls on asset sales, especially if it means entering a power sharing arrangement with the LNP,” he said.

“The truth is Queenslanders’ only choice to save public assets this election is to put the LNP and One Nation last.”