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Union says throw book at grubs who attack essential workers

The Electrical Trades Union called for zero tolerance after reports frontline Energy Queensland workers were spat on by a community member while undertaking emergency restorations yesterday. 
In what is becoming an all to frequent event following disgusting attacks on police and nurses, grubs are using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to attack workers doing their job and create fear and concern by saying they are infected. 
ETU State Secretary Peter Ong said the attack on the energy workers would not be tolerated and called on the police to do more to track down the grub who did it and Energy Queensland to provide security where necessary. 
“This is a disgusting attack on hardworking workers who keep the power on, the lowlife who saw fit to spit on workers deserves to have the book thrown at him, there can be zero tolerance.”  
“While we are all going through the uncertainty and trauma of the Covid -19 Pandemic, we need our essential services personnel protected, the police need to send the clearest messages possible, as a society we will not accept this type of behavior, not now, not ever.” 
“The workers at Energy Queensland and their contractors do essential work, often away from their families and loved ones to keep Queensland powering ahead safely and efficiently, we know this can be inconvenient at times especially when people are increasingly working from home, but we are all in this together.  Our members deserve your respect, they have earned it, they have had your back after cyclones, floods, bushfires and storms, they need your support now more than ever.”   
         For more information please call Peter Ong 0419 721 046, Andrew Irvine 0448 633 858