26 September 2022
                                                                                                                                           ETU welcomes $780 million government investment in Tarong West Wind Farm
The Electrical Trades Union (ETU) welcomes the news of a $780 million state government investment into the publicly owned Tarong West Wind Farm in the South Burnett region, set to be the largest publicly-owned wind farm in the country.
“This investment, and the wind farm, is a great start in moving towards a publicly-owned renewable future for Queensland,” says ETU Divisional Branch Secretary Peter Ong. “We’re looking forward the well-paid jobs the construction and maintenance of the farm will create.
“We’ve always said it’s vital that Queensland’s renewable energy assets remain publicly owned, so we’re really pleased to see that the Tarong West Wind Farm will be 100% publicly owned. This is just the start for renewable projects in the state, with the target of 50% renewable output by 2030, we maintain our current market share of 54% publicly owned generating capacity.
“We only need to think back a few months to the hiccup with the National Energy Market (NEM), where Queensland’s generation assets powered not only our own state, but also part of New South Wales as well. Publicly owned renewables means not only a cleaner and sustainable future, it also means a reliable one,” says Mr Ong.
The ETU supports the publicly-owned project which will create an estimated 200 construction jobs and 15 ongoing roles in the South Burnett region, and the publicly owned renewable assets the union has been advocating for many years.
“It’s vital that Queenslanders maintain a significant market share of renewable energy assets. Publicly-owned renewables are the future for this state. They are reliable, cleaner, and will put downward pressure on electricity prices.”
“We look forward to more announcements from the Premier on the future of Queensland’s electricity assets this week at the CEDA State of the State address. It’s an exciting time for Queensland as we make moves toward reaching the net-zero and renewable energy targets.
“We’re looking forward to future plans that will guarantee future-proofed and well-paid jobs for electrical workers, a cleaner and more sustainable future for Queensland, and the public retaining ownership of our renewable assets,” says Mr Ong.
For more information, please call Peter Ong on 0419 721 046 or Kristin Perissinotto on 0448 633 858.