Sell out Nats slammed for electricity asset sales push

Sell out Nationals slammed over asset sales push
They’re not listening our Electricity Assets are Not for Sale

The Electrical Trades Union QLD NT has seized on reports that six regional National Party MPs are calling on the Government to fast track energy legislation that includes asset sales, calling the six MP’s disgraceful sell outs.

ETU QLD NT State Secretary Peter Ong said “Queenslanders should be in no doubt the message this dysfunctional LNP Government is sending to Queenslanders is we are coming after your assets whether you like it or not, we will sell you out today and every day.”

“It is outrageous that these Queensland Federal National Party MPs – Keith Pitt, George Christensen, Michelle Landry, Ken O’Dowd, Llew O’Brien and Barry O’Sullivan – would advocate disenfranchising fellow Queenslanders who have voted overwhelmingly to reject assets sales and privatisation for the last three state elections.”

“It’s like the LNP know they are gone at the upcoming election and such is their contempt for the Australian population they will burn every bridge on the way out by trying to ram through whatever laws they can before they lose their power” Ong said.

He also pointed to a bigger issue in the LNP’s addiction to asset sales.

“The LNP are addicted to asset sales, Morrison said as much back in 2016 when he heralded the NSW Liberals electricity privatisation plan as a way of reducing power prices. Guess what Queensland’s electricity prices are lower than NSW, South Australia and Victoria, because NSW, Victoria and South Australia all have privatised or partially privatised electricity networks.”

“Report after report tells us that privatising power assets does not lead to lower power prices in fact it leads to the opposite, higher prices, fewer jobs, inferior service and safety because it changes the focus from public service to private profit”

Mr. Ong said the ETU would be out campaigning against any attempts to sell public electricity assets.

“Any push for asset sales through divestment will be met with the full force of the ETU,” he said.

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