CPB Accused of Casual Nazism Over Door sign at Boggo Rd 

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   Attention Political and General Reporters

   June 19 2020



CPB casual Nazism condemned

Door sign trivialising Nazi war crimes a new low for embattled Cross River Rail project

The Electrical Trades Union has slammed Cross River Rail consortium CPB for a door sign trivialising a brutal Nazi war crime which resulted in the murder of 50 allied airmen including 5 Australians.

The signs stark message “Stalag Luft III Room” on the Boggo Rd station site management meeting room in full view of workers and visitors accessing the room, apparently references the scene of a heinous war crime where gestapo operatives summarily executed and cremated the remains of 50 allied airmen including the 5 Australians, under direct orders from Hitler and Goring.

ETU State Secretary Peter Ong called for an immediate independent investigation and the dismissal of all managers found to be involved.

“What message is this sending? On what planet would this ever be okay? Who authorised it?”

“This is a clear case of casual Nazism that is an affront to all fair-minded Australians.”

Mr Ong said the State Government needs to take immediate action.

“This project has been plagued by safety breaches, poor management practices and, now this disgraceful act. This took place on a State Government funded project, and the Minister must immediately take action, failure to do so will be seen as tacit approval.”

“We have workers on this job and in fact across our Union from many backgrounds including military backgrounds. This is a desecration of the memories of the 5 Australians who lost their lives fighting fascism.”


For more information please contact Peter Ong: 0419721046 or Andrew Irvine 0448 633 858