Energy Queensland workers are heroes

The ETU is proud of its track record of negotiating a high standard of wages and conditions for its Members throughout Queensland’s highly dangerous electrical industry.

We make no apologies for negotiating firmly to ensure our Members work in the best safety conditions and are paid what they deserve for working in the most atrocious outdoor weather.

Despite typically hysterical reporting in the Murdoch press, the wages and conditions recently delivered to Energy Queensland workers are not new.

Provisions in the EQ agreement are longstanding industry conditions, much of which have been transferred from the Electricity Generation, Transmission and Supply Award as a result of the Ergon and Energex merger.

There is no secret deal. These outcomes have been negotiated directly with the employer.

Ensuring our Members are paid what they deserve, and work in the safest possible conditions, is the primary order of ETU business – which we make no apologies for.

The ETU will meet with, and speak to, anyone and everyone we need to in order to protect and improve the wages and conditions of our Membership.

The ETU is proud of its track record of delivering for its Members and we encourage any electrical workers who are currently without the considerable benefits of ETU representation to sign up for a membership at

It won’t cost you as much as a $3000 bottle of Penfolds Grange, but what you’ll get in return is much more valuable.