LNP privatisation push will see regional power prices skyrocket 

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12 June 2020


Regional Queensland power prices set to explode under Frecklington’s Ergon sell off

Uniform Tariff Policy will be the first casualty in LNP’s asset sales push  

The Electrical Trades Union warned Regional Queenslanders to prepare for an energy price explosion if the LNP plans to privatise the retail arm of Ergon Energy is successful.

The ETU seized on comments from LNP Leader Deb Frecklington where she spells out clearly her party’s proposal to bring “…competition to Ergon’s monopoly”.

ETU Assistant State Secretary Stuart Traill said the blatant privatisation push would result in the axing of initiatives like the Uniform Tariff Policy that currently ensures prices in regional Queensland are comparable to those in the South East.

“The LNP leader talks about introducing a Customer Service Obligation, if she had done some research, she would know one already exists but there is no mention of keeping the current Uniform Tariff Policy, this omission will send shockwaves throughout regional Queensland. Estimates from back in 2016-2017 (1) suggest without the Uniform Tariff Policy in place, it is estimated regional customers would pay 30–140 percent more for their electricity.”

“You’d have thought the LNP would have learned their lesson on privatising public owned assets, Queenslanders don’t support privatisation, they know they are a con and they know they will pay more.” 

“Letting the market decide in relatively small markets in regional Queensland will ensure massive disparities between regions and remote areas leaving communities exposed to profit gauging from for-profit energy retailers, it will be the law of the jungle.”

“This LNP thought bubble, ill-conceived policy on the run will be catastrophic for regional and remote Queenslanders who can remember all too well the double-digit energy price hikes under the Newman Governments privatisation push.”

Mr Traill also pointed out that the LNP has form with saying one thing before an election and another when/if elected. We all remember the Strong Choices lies and deceit where the LNP decimated regional Queensland employment with cuts and chaos.”

“We know this is a flag raising exercise by the hapless Frecklington, to float the idea of privatisation and see if people notice the intent. Let’s not forget her previous foray into energy when she sought to break up the state-owned generators to allow competition back in 2018.”

“Message to Mrs. Frecklington, the ETU has noticed, we know your plans and we will continually remind the Queensland people you and your fellow LNP sell outs will do just that if elected. You will sell them out…Again.”

For more information please call Stuart Traill 0488 225 625, Andrew Irvine 0448 633 858

1 https://www.dnrme.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/1253834/delivering-effective-policy-outcomes.pdf