Zinfra slammed over heartless ultimatum - Move or Be Sacked 

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ETU slams Zinfra’s Covid -19 heartless act of bastardry


“Move or be sacked”, workers and families given just days to decide


The Electrical Trades Union called out Energy Queensland Contactor Zinfra for its heartless use of the Covid-19 Pandemic to threaten the livelihoods of 20 hardworking South East Queensland based ETU members.


ETU QLD NT State Assistant Secretary Stuart Traill said the EQ contractor was using the Pandemic as an excuse to bypass basic consultation processes, common decency and contractual obligations to put workers in a no-win situation.


“Zinfra has failed every test, they have failed to consult with Energy Queensland who is supportive of the jobs staying in the South East. They have failed our members and their families by putting an offensive ultimatum to them, relocate to Maryborough or Townsville or face the sack, or if you want to you can travel in your own time to those locations to work, but we won’t pay for your travel or facilitate it. To make the matter worse they have given the workers just days to decide, it is an act of industrial bastardry.” Traill said.


“We have members who have families and mortgages facing the sack or being forced to relocate during a pandemic, it is a heartless and ridiculous decision that will put people at risk.” He said.


While the union will continue to seek to work with Zinfra to overturn the decision and look to more agreeable outcomes, if these fail the union will not hesitate to call on the State Government to intervene.


“If we get nowhere with Zinfra we will call on the State Government to intervene, yes these are extraordinary times but there is no place for this type of draconian behavior particularly when the company doing it is contracted to the State Government.”


For more information please call Peter Ong 0419 721 046, Andrew Irvine 0448 633 858