RCR Administration announcement timely reminder of privatisation failures

RCR administration announcement timely reminder of privatisation failures.

Union calls on developers to ensure workers entitlements are paid in full.

The Electrical Trades Union says the failure of RCR Tomlinson and its related companies is a timely reminder of why the State Government needs to fast track CleanCo investments and commit to build, own and operate renewable energy assets in Queensland.
ETU QLD NT state secretary Peter Ong said the ETU and others have been raising issues around the RCR’s solar farm business model for months. A business model which sought to cut corners with the use of unlicensed workers, poorly trained and underpaid backpackers and an appalling safety record.

“This company’s business model of significantly undercutting competitors during the tender process delivered nothing but a race to the bottom on wages, safety and conditions and highlights the perils of privatisation. We know that many workers on RCR sites in other states have not been paid their entitlements and we have reports that direct RCR employees in Queensland had not been paid as at last night either”

“The workers rightly want commitments from the developers that they will be paid their entitlements in full, anything less will be unacceptable”

Mr. Ong reiterated his Union’s earlier concerns that the State Government had not adequately overseen this important industry.
“This latest predictable private failure shows why the State Government needs to regulate existing contracts better and commit to owning, constructing and managing our future electricity generation assets” he said.

Mr Ong warned that companies whose business models included cutting corners on safety, using labour hire, backpackers and unlicensed workers to construct renewable assets were not only a risk to workers livelihoods and safety but the wider community as well.

“This wild west, get away with what you can, until you are caught mentality within the solar industry must stop before someone gets killed”