Power plant hysteria driven by LNP aligned think tank

The Electrical Trades Union rejects hysterical analysis of the Palaszczuk Government’s energy policy from partisan climate change skeptics at right wing think tank the Australian Institute for Progress.

Energy Minister Mark Bailey told ABC Radio 612 this morning that Queensland power stations would not close as the think tank described in its analysis of AER data.

ETU Assistant State Secretary Keith McKenzie said given Palaszczuk Government’s record of honoring commitments such as not selling assets, the ETU was confident no power stations would close.

Mr McKenzie questioned the validity of the analysis published in the Courier Mail due to the think tank’s extensive links to the LNP.

“This is the deeply partisan analysis of climate change skeptics from a right wing think tank created by former Liberal Party Vice President Graham Young,” Mr McKenzie said.

“This research into the Palaszczuk Government’s energy policy is completely undermined by the fact that it was conducted by a former LNP candidate in Johnathan Pavetto, who pushed for privatisation of Queensland’s energy assets.

“Clearly this is an orchestrated, partisan attack from the think tank and the LNP’s friends at the Courier Mail to attempt to undermine the Palaszczuk Government’s exemplary record on managing the state’s energy industry.”

Mr McKenzie said the ETU was looking forward to working with a reelected Palaszczuk Government in helping the transition of the state’s energy to a renewables future.

“Unlike the dinosaurs in the LNP and One Nation Coalition, the State Labor Government has a plan to transition Queensland and Queensland energy workers towards the renewables future which is imperative if we are to stop the crippling impacts of climate change,” he said.