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Past Campaigns

Campaigns that have been run and completed.

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THE ETU is always campaigning on a number of issues. Industrial campaigns, EBA campaigns, political campaigns, social justice campaigns. Campaign information is regularly updated to ensure it is timely and relevent. Some campaign information and materials are only available to Finanacial ETU Members. Please ensure you are a financial member and registered onto the ETU Website.
the ETU has a proud history of standing up and campaigning, some notable recent campaign wins include.
Apprenticeship Backpay
Same Job Same Pay 
The Energy Workers' Charter 

The ETU QLD & NT Vision Statement

The ETU is committed to improving our members and their families’ lives through campaigning for enhancement of wages, conditions, safety and social justice. We will use our collective strength to continually support, train and educate our membership to a high standard of industrial, political and social awareness. Through this vision we will remain a professional and respected industry leader leaving a strong legacy for future generations of members and the community.