Cairns Council Workers Strike Over Pay – show your support

Email to Cairns Councillors today calling on them to back their workers and provide a respectable wage increase that values the work they do.
(Also contact emails for All Councillors)


Our members are fed up with the attitude of Council management and the tactics used. We call on you to support us in our action tomorrow and come out publicly against the decisions of Council. We will be specifically seeking that the Councillor bargaining team consisting of Mayor Manning, Deputy Mayor James and Cr Moller to acknowledge the importance of the ‘heart and soul’ of this community; its hard working Council Workers and direct Council management to break the impasse by tabling a respectable wage offer to its staff.

We will be assembling at about 7:45am at Council chambers tomorrow and would appreciate you standing side by side with the hard working Council workers in this area that have not had a wage increase since 2014.


Rob Hill
Far Northern Organiser

Contact your councillor and urge them to stand up for CRC workers.

  • Richie Bates
    Elected Member – Div 5
  • Linda Cooper
    Elected Member – Div 6
  • Terry James
    Elected Member – Div 4
  • Bob Manning
  • Brett Moller
    Elected Member – Div 1
  • Max O’Halloran
    Elected Member – Div 7
  • Brett Olds
    Elected Member – Div 9
  • Jessie Richardson
    Elected Member – Div 8
  • John Schilling
    Elected Member – Div 2
  • Cathy. Zeiger
    Elected Member – Div 3