ETU outraged at ABCC Eureka Flag ban

ETU outraged at attempt to ban Eureka flags and Union mottos

Queensland’s Electrical Trades Union acting Secretary Peter Ong has joined the growing chorus of opposition to the latest ABCC Building Code directive which outlaws the displaying of the Eureka flag and other Union material on building sites.

Mr Ong said the ABCC aided and abetted by the Turnbull Government and the weak cross benchers was attempting to erase Australia’s proud democratic history.

“The Eureka standard is a flag that represents so much to so many people, it’s a symbol of democracy and is integral to Australia’s history. We warned the Senate cross benchers that this was the sort of outcomes they could expect if they supported the ABCC, but they, Hanson, Hynch and Xenophon voted for this and they will be held accountable for this outrageous breach of human rights”

The ETU along with many other Unions and groups have adopted the Eureka flag as their symbol of unity and democracy.

Mr Ong warned this latest attack on democracy was just the tip of the ice berg he urged politicians from all sides of politics to stand united and demand the ban be revoked.

“If they fail to stand up and be counted on this issue, they are giving this Government the power to make flying the Eureka flag illegal, where will it end, this is how fascism starts”?