Longman result a good start – we are Changing The Rules

As the dust settles on the Longman By election result which saw the ALP’s Susan Lamb re-elected with a strong 3.7% swing to her on the back of a solid 4% increase in her primary vote to 40%, there is little time for celebration. Make no mistake this was a good start but there is no place for complacency and the fact that One Nation polled 15% is a massive concern given their history of supporting the LNP.

As a Union and Unionists we must be prepared to campaign harder and wider to Change The Rules and get rid of the Turnbull government whenever the next election is due. We must continue our proud tradition of campaigning to win. We cannot afford another 3 years of an LNP Government propped up by One Nation that is hell bent on criminalising Unions. A Government that is preparing to give Billions in tax cuts to big business and big banks, while wages stagnate or fall and our public services are degraded and underfunded. Get ready comrades the campaign continues.