ALP affiliation reaps rewards at State Conference…let’s do this

At the 2019 ETU QLD Biennial Conference after much debate, we as a Union voted to re-affiliate with the ALP and The Left, we did this to enable policies to be developed and implemented that make life better for our Members, their families, and our communities.

At the weekend’s ALP State Conference we as a Union presented, debated and won some significant binding policy positions that will do just that. The most significant ones involved – investment and commitment to employing 1000 Apprentices in the public sector and the rebuild of QBuild which will provide 300 tradies. On Cross River Rail we called on the Govt to ensure no work commences, and no sub-contractors start until the contractors can demonstrate that all elements of the Q Procurement Policy have been met for this project. The Government must reset and refocus on the management and delivery of Cross River Rail. We presented and won commitments around just transition for our generation Members that will ensure decent jobs and public ownership continue to be non-negotiables, along with calling on the Govt to use profits generated by CS and Stanwell to own, build and operate Queensland’s renewable generation assets. We also spoke strongly in favour of the recommitment to a nuclear-free future. In a great example of how our Biennial Conference processes work, in 2017 members proposed the development of a Resources Charter that ensures any new extractive resource projects are required to meet specific requirements relating to decent Industrial Agreements, environmental responsibility in line with climate goals, training opportunities and respect and meaningful consultation with First Nations people’s including their right to exercise all legal options available to them re: Native Title Rights.

This Resource charter was developed and presented to our Biennial Conference earlier this year, where it was referred to our Coal Delegates for feedback and approval. On the weekend the Document became ALP policy, a great and enduring outcome.

The ALP is a vehicle for good and while we have ongoing issues with some of their positions we know the door is open and by being active in branches and conferences we can effect real changes that improves the lives of our Members. Well done to all the Delegates, now let’s make sure these commitments happen.