Private: Election Special Reports – Commentary, Candidate Profiles, Compare the Pair and more

The 2019 Federal Election will be fought on issues close to most Unionist’s hearts, fairness v fat cats, decent wages v more penalty rates cuts and stagnant wages, just transition v climate change denial, Proper Funding and Stability v Cuts and Chaos.

This election there is a clear divide between the LNP/ONP and other right wing parties And the Labor Party. The LNP promises more of the same Cuts and Chaos while Labor promises Progress and Stability.

This Election Vote To Change the Rules by Changing the Government.

Download Election Special
Election Special 2019 - The Facts - click here to download

Morrison’s Red Herrings and Gutter Politics
Election Red Herrings - click here to download

Compare the Pair where do the LNP and ALP stand on key policy issues?
Compare the Pair LNP V ALP on Key Policy Issues - click here to download

Why the Senate matters
Why The Senate Matters - click here to download

Queensland key seats

Candidate profiles

Jo Briskey – Bonner
Jo Briskey 4 Bonner Profile - click here to download

Ali France – Dickson
Ali France 4 Dickson Profile - click here to download

Des Hardman – Forde
Des Hardman 4 Forde Profile - click here to download

Corinne Mulholland – Petrie
Corinne Mulholland 4 Petrie Profile - click here to download

Elida Faith – Leichardt
Elida Faith 4 Leichardt Profile - click here to download

ETU Members put their hands up 

Dan Parsell – Fisher
Dan Parsell 4 Fisher profile - click here to download

and Brett McGuire – Kennedy
Brett McGuire 4 Kennedy Profile - click here to download