Federal Court Casual Labour Decision 20 May 2020

Important Federal Court Decision for many employees wrongly classified as casual.

Casuals who work regular shifts are entitled to paid leave on top of casual loading, the Federal Court has affirmed in a landmark ruling that exposes businesses to billions of dollars in backpay. In a big win for workers the full court of the Federal Court has handed down its decision finding that regular, ongoing casuals are entitled to paid annual leave, paid personal/carer’s leave and paid compassionate leave. The full court also comprehensively rejected employers' claim that they could "set off" the liabilities through the hourly rate they paid casuals after finding the payments and the entitlements did not have a "close correlation". As a result of this the ETU is asking Members who have been employed as casuals to work regular shifts to register on the link below. https://www.etunational.asn.au/stopcasualripoffs

Full Decision

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