Women Of Steel Documentary released and nominated for prestigious award  

Dear fellow trade Unionist and supporter of the Women of Steel film

Exciting news, Women of Steel the film is not only finished, but has been chosen by the internationally renowned Sydney Film Festival (virtual this year and available everywhere in Australia) as one of ten finalists in Australian documentaries awards. It's an exciting, sometimes humorous, and personal story about how a group of women took on the 'Big Australia', BHP, and won! And it's a story that shows if we stick together, campaign hard, that we can win against the greatest of odds.

We hope you are as proud as we are with the final product and these awards! And we hope to share the film with your Members, because now, it takes an audience to bring the film into full existence.

In these difficult times, the trick now is to get the film out there to your membership! The 'online' Sydney Film Festival is held from tomorrow, June 10 to June 21st. (We are not sure when it will be safe to show the film in a theatre or to your wider membership). We would love that you give your Members the chance to see it, wherever they are in Australia.

The link to the film, the trailer and buying tickets is: https://ondemand.sff.org.au/film/women-of-steel/

Link to our Facebook page 'event' to the PREMIERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/604798716807978/