Here are some simple guidelines to deal with work-related injuries:


  • Do seek urgent medical treatment when required.
  • Do see your own doctor, not the employer’s doctor where possible.
  • Do get your doctor to provide a medical certificate for Workers’ compensation, listing every injury you sustained in the incident.
  • Do report your injury to your supervisor and union rep as soon as possible.
  • Do fill out an Incident Report and keep copies of all documents related to the incident.
  • Do lodge a worker’s compensation claim for all work injuries.
  • Do bring a Union rep to meetings with your employer discussing your injury and return to work.
  • Do seek assistance from your Union and a referral to HPL if unsure.


  • Don’t be talked out of lodging a workers’ compensation claim.
  • Don’t provide too much detail to your employer about your injury – your doctor will
    provide a workers’ compensation medical certificate.
  • Don’t be told what doctor to see – seeing your own doctor for treatment is your right.
  • Don’t sign an incident report if you do not agree with its contents.
  • Don’t allow an employer representative into your private doctor’s appointment.
  • Don’t provide unrestricted authority for your employer to speak with your doctor or
    access your medical records.
  • Don’t assume that your employer has advised you correctly as to your compensation
    rights and entitlements.
  • Don’t go it alone – contact your Union for assistance.