ETU Health Plan (RT Health Fund)

We are now pleased to offer Members a new and exclusive ETU health plan.

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Union Shopper

The Union Shopper is a 100% union-owned organisation that provides great benefits and savings to members and their families.

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Legal Services For ETU Members

Hall Payne Lawyers is a proud supporter of our union, providing our Members with a comprehensive range of legal services.

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Workers Compensation Assistance

Contact the ETU for expert advise on
Workers Compensation Assistance.

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ETU Will Kit and EPA

The ETU provides financial Members of the Union
with access to a Free ETU Will Kit and EPA

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ETU Insurance and Capital Benefits

To assist members in times of need , the ETU provides the following benefits to members

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ADA Support Services

ADA Australia provide members with valuable content and training on mental health and assist with positive coping strategies.

Windsor Income Protection

Your trusted and complete group insurance provider
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CBUS Super

We're here to make your super work as hard as you do.

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Being a Member of the ETU provides you with the following benefits and training.

  • Improve and protect your health & safety
  • Protection of “YOUR RIGHTS AT WORK”
  • Investigate claims of victimisation and harassment
  • Fight for a “Fair Go” for workers
  • Assist you and/or your family if you are injured at work
  • Provide information on current major construction projects
  • Negotiate your wages and conditions
  • Represent you if you are unfairly dismissed
  • Provide advice on your agreement or award
  • Improve leisure time for workers
  • Organise access to ETU lawyers
  • Technical trade information and support
  • Mental Health Resources - Mates in Construction, Mining & Energy available 24/7 for Member Support Call 1300 642 111 or visit